Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair

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The Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair looks fantastic with comfort to match. Very well built with attention to detail.  Highly popular and although more expensive than some, you do get a lot for you money.

  • Editor’s Rating 90% 90%

First Impressions

The Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair is a stunning looking rocking chair which would look fantastic in any room. It’s not a glider chair in the strict sense that the rocking movement comes via traditional curved rockers underneath. This means that unlike say the Habebe, it doesn’t have a brake and lots of different reclining positions. Having said that, we liked its simplicity. You can also remove the rockers when not required.

The cushions are deep and very comfortable. It also has a lumbar cushion for extra back support. It also comes in three colours, brown, grey and blue.

It comes pre-assembled. In terms of dimensions it is 114 x 90 x 75 cm. It also has a footstool.

Using the Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair

The Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair is a delight to use and looks great. It is made from good quality wood and fabric. Do bear in mind that the fabric is not designed to be removable for washing. Some other chairs designed for use in the nursery make a selling point of having removable covers. The rockers can be removed via four bolts.

The chair has a good balance making the rocking movement easy to control. It has a silent rocking action but this might be different on other surfaces. We tested it on a carpet and wooden floor with no issues at all.

Conclusions on the Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair

In many ways the Hush Hush Rocking/Nursing/Glider Chair is basically a good quality arm chair with rockers bolted to the bottom. Whether this qualifies as a Nursing or Glider chair is for you to decide. It would still look good in any nursery and provides a nice silent rocking motion which is what really counts.