Habebe Glider Rocking Nursing Chair

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The Habebe Glider Rocking Nursing Chair with footstool comes in choices of wood and covers including washable covers. Habebe are a well known make and all of their chairs are built to a high quality with practicality in mind.

  • Editor’s Rating 78% 78%

First Impressions

The Habebe Glider Rocking Nursing Recliner Maternity Chair with footstool is one of the most popular nursing glider chairs in the UK. In many respects it was Habebe who developed the Nursing Chair niche. In terms of design, the Habebe is similar to the Serenity and the Tutti Bambini. They all consist of a wooden frame, washable covers and foot stools. The Habebe also has handy side pockets for magazines and other odds an ends.

The Habebe Glider Rocking Nursing Recliner Maternity Chair with footstool comes in a wide variety of colours including Beech, Oak and White Wood, with a choice of Cream, Beige, Navy, Blue, Pink/White, Grey.  The covers are removable for washing and can be washed in the washing machine.

The Habebe Recliner Glider chair is relatively easy to assemble with only 8 Bolts to attach the Backrest and arms to the pre-assembled Chair Base. It took us about 30 minutes to assemble it. The dimensions are: Width 62 cm x Height 100cm x Depth 73cm.

The cushions and thick and comfortable. The material is hard wearing but not the nicest to be honest. All together, the Habebe Glider Rocking Chair is a highly functional and comfortable chair but not the best looking we have seen.

Rocking / Gliding Movement

Glider chairs are so called because they are designed to be silent and smooth whilst rocking. The Habebe Glider does an excellent job in this regard with a smooth and almost silent movement. It is both comfortable and easy to operate. There is a brake which is useful for disabling the rocking movement. You can also recline the chair into 7 different positions. Given the size of the chair, there is no support for the head which is a same.


The Habebe Glider Rocking Nursing Recliner Maternity Chair with footstool is a very functional chair with several seating positions, a brake, and washable covers. It is not the most attractive of chairs but given the price, it’s still a very popular chair.