Nursing Chairs or Glider Chairs as they are sometimes known are the latest must have item for new mums. Until recently I hadn’t even heard of them. However, once your friends start having babies you quickly learn all about them. They are brilliant at rocking your baby off to sleep in total comfort.

On first impressions, Glider Chairs look just like rocking chairs. Look closely however and the you will see that the mechanism is much more complex than a normal rocking chair. These are called glider chairs because they rock on a sort of glider mechanism which is purposefully designed to be quiet whilst in use. No creeks or squeaks.

They are also often made from washable fabrics which is ideal where babies are around. Some glider chairs are made of wood and come in many different finishes. More recently, new models have been developed that would not look out of place in the front room; never mind the nursery.

Most nursery or glider chairs come pre-assembled and so you don’t have to worry about get your screwdriver out. Take care when choosing one to make sure you have the room. Some are quite large ad may not fit where you want them to.

Look out for those with breaks on them. This prevents the chair from rocking and may be useful for when your child becomes a toddler. It prevents any accidents occurring through incorrect use such as fingers getting trapped.

There are several key glider chair manufacturers that have become established over the last few years. These are Hush Hush, Tutti Bambini, Kub Haldon, and Habebe. All these comply with the relevant EU safety standards. Make sure you check this out when looking for a nursing chair.

We have reviewed several nursing glider chairs popular with parents. And the results are summarised below.