Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair

Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair

Forget the Nursery, this Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair looks great in any room. With its simplistic but high quality finish, this could be a family heirloom. Comfort and style in spades; and it doesn’t take up much room either.

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Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair

The Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair is a firm favourite of ours. It combines form and function in one superb rocking chair. This would look great in any nursery or in fact any room. Made from high quality wood, the frame comes in both White and dark colours. The material is a soft linen effect which is made from washable polyester.

Weighing only 9.8 KG and with a relatively small footprint of 80 x 56 x 30 cm, the chair doesn’t take up to much room and can easily be moved about. It complies with BS EN 12520:2010 domestic seating safety regulation and BS 5852:Part 2:1982 fire retardant regulation.

Assembly is very straightforward and no special tools are required.

Rocking Movement.

The chair has a very simple design with no glider mechanism. Therefore, strictly speaking cannot be called a glider chair. It is in fact a traditional rocking chair and pure and simple. The rocking movement is smooth and comfortable. It is also very quiet but this may depend on the surface of the floor. We tested the Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair on both carpet and wooden flooring and had no sound issues. Certainly none that should concern you and wouldn’t wake up the baby.

The chair comes with pockets built into the arms which is useful for nursery bits and pirces. The chair back slopes at the correct angle for back support and is overall very comfortable.


The Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair is a quality product which provides a solution where space is an issue without compromising on quality and and design.