Tower T17005 Air Fryer

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The Tower T17005 3.2 Litre Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation is priced low but does not perform as well as some of its rivals. As with the Salter DS90010N review, it struggled to cook hand cut chips.

  • Editor’s Rating 75% 75%


The first impression of the Tower T17005 3.2 Litre Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer was not good. The build quality seemed poor when we compare to other models we have reviewed. Not a great start.

Inside the box there is the Tower Air Fryer and an instruction book. There is also an instruction manual but no recipes! The unit is easy to assemble. It also takes apart easily for cleaning in a dishwasher if preferred.

Using the Tower T17005

The Tower T17005 is controlled via two mechanical knobs; the temperature and timer. When the rime is up, the unit will bleep and turn itself off.

The internal pan has a non-stick coating and comes out easily for cleaning. The unit is well insulated during use and so has cool walls.

The unit is a front loader meaning the food is placed into a drawer. Once closed the food is hidden and so it is not possible to view the food during cooking unless you open the drawer. Although this may seem an issue, you will need to open the food mid-way through to stir it. This is to encourage even cooking and reduce the risk of burning. If you are cooking chips, this is the opportunity to give them a good shake. The only models that allow you to view the food whilst it is cooking and stir the food with rotating paddles are the Tefal ActiFry range.


As with the other reviews, we ran our standard tests to see how this unit performed. This is what we found:


The Tower 17005 did an excellent job of cooking out Betty Crocker scones. Just the right amount of colouring and a perfect inside. Scones are actually quite a simple test for an air fryer as the temperature doesn’t need be as high as when cooking chips for example.


We cooked two chicken breasts in about 20 minutes and these came out well. We had to move the chicken half way through, as explained above but all together the Tower 17005 did a good job.


Our chips test consists of cooking 600g of Hand Cut, Frozen Chunky and Frozen French Fries. We selected 600g as in our experience, these devices struggle to generate sufficient heat when you load them fully – in this case to 800g.

The chip test in our view is where these units must perform to their best. It requires a lot of consistent heat to ‘fry’ chips and not all models can achieve this. The Tower T17005 is such an example unfortunately. Whilst it did quite well with frozen chips, which are first dried, uniformly cut and then pre-coated in oil, the hand cut chips were not very appetising.


Summary on the Tower T17005 Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer

The Tower T17005 is a cheap unit which performs OK with scones and meat but unfortunately produces disappointing chips