SimpleTaste Healthy Air Fryer

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This Simple Taste Healthy Air Fryer gives the Duronic and Philips a run for their money. Not as refined but loaded with additional features such as 8 programme settings. It also has a powerful 1,500 Watt heater and large capacity.

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The Simple Taste Healthy Air Fryer is a relatively unknown manufacturer and one we have had little previous experience with. Straight away we were impressed that Simple Taste had included additional features and power not available in many other devices. Iyt also has the feel of a good quality unit and looks amazing.

For example, the 1,500 Watt heater and 3.5 Litre capacity is a welcome feature. The Simple Taste Healthy Air Fryer also comes with 8 pre-set programmes for different uses such as Fish, Cake, Pork, Shrimp, Steak, Chicken and Chips. We were excited to see this additional feature since in our experience, people often get the heat setting wrong, which leads to poor results. By having pre-set programmes, the heat setting is taken care of.  There is still a manual override of course with digital temperature and timing controls. Digital setting are generally only present in higher end models.

The Simple Taste Air Fryer aso comes with a useful instruction and recipe book. So far so very very good!

Performance of the Simple Taste Healthy Air Fryer

The best performing front loading air fryers in our tests have been the Philips and Duronic. The Philips in particular stands out and is partly due to the way it forces the air to flow around the food during cooking. The air comes down from the top but also from the bottom and round the sides. Lesser fryers get this wrong and this is leads to uneven cooking including burt or undercooked food.  This is where we believe the Simple Taste Air Fryer may have lets itself down. It is a great thing to have digital controls and and programmes but the cooking is what is important. Having said that, air flow is not as important to all types of food and in many cases you can get away with it. Baking scones for example or chicken breasts. Chips however require lots of heat and air flow to prevent burning and this is where the design needs to be spot on.

We tested the Simple Taste Healthy Fryer with our Betty Crocker scone mix, chicken breasts and spring rolls. These all came out very well indeed. When we cooked chips there was a fair amount of uneven cooking but not as much as in many cheaper models. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into this model and in many ways they have set a challenge to their competitors by upping the anti so to speak. Frozen chips did better than hand cut chips which is normal due to the way frozen chops (chunky and french fries) and process i.e. uniform thickness, pre-coated in oil and dried before freezing. The hand cut chips cooked faster than many other fryers but required additional shaking to promote even cooking.


This device may well be a game changer. It is not as refined as the Philips in terms of cooking but nearly on a par with the Duronic. It is well built and has more settings to play with which should simply the cooking process.