Salter EK1950/EK2811 Low Fat Air Fryer

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THE Salter EK1950/EK2811 Low Fat Air Fryer is an improvement on its predecessors although looks very similar. It is a great all rounder, has a large capacity and a powerful heater. Compare prices to the Tower as these are very similar in spec.
  • Editor’s Rating 80% 80%
The Salter EK1950/EK2811 Low Fat Air Fryer is the latest in the familiar bowl shaped halogen ovens. Salter is a well known brand and like Tower, in many ways pioneered the halogen oven. If you look around at the competition you will realise that their design has been the inspiration most halogen ovens. In our view, this model is more halogen oven than low fat fryer given its size and flexibility. In many ways, the Salter EK1950/EK2811 is very typical of the halogen oven.

The Salter EK1950/EK2811 low fat fryer has a huge 12 litre bowl that can be extended to 17 litres by using the ‘Extender’.  Like the Tower, this is as large as halogen ovens go. It also boasts a 1,300 Watt heater which is also on the large size. So, all in all you are getting a lot for your money. It cooks a whole chicken in about 40 minutes very well; chips in 20 to 25 minutes; and all manner of other food types to a standard that is hard to argue with. We don’t think it is as good as the Duronic in terms of cooking and certainly not as good as the Tefal ActifryPhilips Airfryer and Breville Haloo Fryer for frying (chips etc) but still not a bad allrounder and certainly the amongst the best value on the market.


The controls are easy enough to use and but the instruction manual is not particularly helpful. Why manufacturers go to the lengths they do to make an appliance such as this Salter low fat fryer and then let themselves down with poor instructions is hard to fathom but it is not uncommon.

The Salter Low Fat Fryer easily comes apart for cleaning. It is probably the simplicity that is its key attraction. You can also separate the food inside to allow say meat in the top and veg in the bottom. It is worth saying that the lid has to be removed to put food in and out i.e. it is not hinged. This can be a problem when it is 250C hot and you need to set it aside on the worktop. Not really ideal.


A great unit for the price. It is better as a halogen oven than low fat fryer but still a good allrounder and great value for money. The removable lid could be an issue when it is extremely hot. Make sure you compare prices with the Tower rage as we believe these are almost identical.