Most Halogen Ovens come with a 12 Litre Capacity. Some, like the The Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven also have an extender that increases the capacity to 16 Litres. This makes it suitable for just about all occasions including cooking whole chickens. It has a handle that makes it incredibly mobile to fit most kitchens. It also means it can be easily stored away if you need to make room. It is easily cleaned, very well built and I foresee it lasting many years past its warranty.
When cooking I found that the lid didn’t always sit flush on the extension ring and when I attempted to adjust the problem the lid fell through onto the food. This was more down to inexperience with this particular model. However it was a problem I feel may occur frequently across different users and therefore worth a mention.
The Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven doesn’t come with a cookbook included so you need to be well versed in the art of halogen oven cooking or buy a cookbook to accompany the purchase. This is easily done on the internet as there are a wealth of online resources that have great recipe ideas. You could visit our healthy cookbook page.

As with some of the other Halogen Ovens, the suggested cooking times are slightly less than applicable.  However the more you use the product the better you will become. The Russell Hobbs will also reward you with great tasting food every time. Each time I used the product it cooked to perfection despite having to alter the heat and time settings.
This particular model does come with a double rack and a set of tongues that make cooking slightly easier and make it great value for the price. It also includes a stand for the lid.