Andrew James’s latest Halogen Oven provides has number of improvements over previous models. Its now has digital controls making cooking timings easier. It now also has a hinged lid which is very useful as it means you don’t have to remove a very hot lid and find somewhere to rest it. The digital controls include settings for rice, buns, Pizza and many more to get you one your way without even reading the manual. This makes the Andrew James incredibly easy to use straight out of the box and in our view, the best control panel of any model.

Andrew James Halogen Oven Heating Controls are the best of any model we tested

Andrew James Halogen Oven Heating Controls are the best of any model we tested

The new Andrew James model has addressed some of the old problems of the previous models by making the halogen bulb very easy to detach for replacement. It is now an easy screw in and screw out process.

The Andrew James cooks food very evenly thanks to the high powered fan that ensures the heat circulates very efficiently and evenly. It allows the cooking of your favourite foods without the use of excess oils or fats that other cookers require and as a result your Andrew James Halogen Oven will cook your food 3-5 times faster and more healthier than a traditional oven can. The further bonus of this Halogen oven is its ability to retain the nutrients and flavour within the food that traditional ovens burn off. This retains the flavour and keep you healthy.

This particular model comes very well equipped with various free accessories. It includes tongs, an additional halogen bulb, a dual rack for cooking on high and lower levels and a baking tray to make cakes. The Andrew James halogen Oven also comes with an extender ring that enlarges the capacity of the oven to 17 litres allowing you to cook larger portions or larger family meals for all occasions. When making a purchase please check that this is included as some lower priced deals do not include this. However, for most uses, 12 Litres is more than enough.

The 1400 Watt output means that the oven gets the job done in a fraction of the cooking time you would expect from a tradition oven and faster than some other halogen ovens which have a 1200 Watt heater. The Andrew James has an extensive recipe book with it that will keep you busy trying out new and exciting recipes you never even knew were possible with you Halogen Oven.

The latest Andrew James halogen oven looks very similar to its predecessor but as mentioned before, it now has a digital timer which makes for a more accurate cooking.

Finally, the unit has a hinged lid which is a real bonus. These lids get very hot and you don’t really want to be taking them off and ruining your work tops.