Choosing the best outside cat house or dog house means looking at several factors. With so many to choose from it can be confusing so the key thing is to make a list of what you want from the outside cat house or dog house.

Waterproof Cat Houses and Dog Houses

Unlike an indoor cat house or dog house, being outdoors means that it will be subject to the elements. This may not be such an issue if all you want is somewhere a bit quirky for your cat or dog to play in. However, if you really do expect your pet to bed down and sleep over night on soft bedding, it is essential that the outdoor cat house or dog house is water tight. The best outside cat houses do tend to be waterproof.

Find the Right Size

Outside cat houses and dog houses come in various sizes with the dog houses being generally larger than the cat houses. Some are marketed for both cats and dogs. Make sure you get the right size for your cate or dog.

Multiple animals

Some outside cat houses and dog houses have space for more than one animal. So, if this is an issue, make sure you select one with the extra space. Some allow for up to three cats for example.

Insulated Floor

Some of the best outside cat houses and dog houses have an insulated floor to provide added warmth and comfort. You can of course add bedding but this might get wet and soiled so having a cat house or dog house with built in insulation makes sense of your pet is going to be outside for long periods; especially at night.

Best Price

Price wise, outside cat houses and dog houses won’t break the bank. Some of the best are genuinely good value for money. By considering the criteria in this list, hopefully you won’t buy something more expensive than required.


Assembly is always an issue. The last thing you want is to end up having to spend ages with assembly.

With the above criteria in mind, we have examined the best outside cat houses and dog houses and listed them below. For more outdoor cat houses and dog houses click here.

Comparison of The Best Outside Cat Houses and Dog Houses

Wooden Outdoor Cat House with 3 Separate Sleeping Areas.

Price: Out of stock

GLQ Cat House Waterproof

Price: Out of stock

Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat Kennel House & Shelter

Price: £49.99

PUPPY KITTY Cat House for Outdoors – Foldable with Removable Mattress Soft

Price: £53.99

Kerbl Cat House Lodge

Price: £87.89

Elmato Deluxe Cat House with Insulated Floor

Price: £83.70

Cosy Cages outdoor cat house Kennel with square flap in grey

Price: £61.00
Was: £69.00

Rosewood Eco Outdoor House For Cats, Rabbits And Small Dogs

Price: £36.11

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat House with Stair

Price: £199.13

Waterproof RayGar Plastic Cat/Dog House

Price: £36.00
Was: £69.99 (-49%)