Tower Halogen Airwave Low Fat Air Fryer

Tower Halogen Airwave Low Fat Air Fryer

This is an old favourite, the Tower Halogen Airwave. Not strictly speaking an air fryer but more of a Halogen Oven. This accound for its huge size. A very capable halogen oven and at just over £40, a great bargain too.

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Review of the Tower Halogen Airwave Low Fat Air Fryer

The Tower Airwave Low Fat Fryer is one of the original Halogen Ovens and you could argue that Tower led the way with these units. They have been around since mid 2014 and have sold in large quantities. The main reason for this, I am sure, is the low price and the large capacity. The Tower Airwave Low Fat Fryer comes with a 12 Litre capacity as standard but does extend to a massive 17 Litres with the extender ring, which is enormous in terms of fryers and is yet to be beat. Of course, this isn’t in the truest sense a fryer. It is actually a Halogen Oven which doubles up as a fryer. We will see what this means when we apply the Chip Test later.

In terms of value for money there is little on the market to beat this. As well as having the huge capacity it also boasts a larger than average 1300W heater. Then again, it would have to be large given the size of the unit. It also comes with two shelves so that you can divide the food into two areas and cook at the same time. Great value but what about the cooking.

How did the Tower Airwave Low Fat Fryer Perform

We tried several types of food types (chicken, fish, veg) and for the most the results were adequate. It certainly works better as an oven than as a fryer. If chips are your thing then this may not be for you. You can stop the process mid way through and move the chips around but getting them just right is not as easy than with an actual air fryer. One big issue with this model is the lid is detachable (not hinged) and contains the heating system. This means is is quite heavy and gets incredibly hot. Although a lid stand comes with the fryer, its just a bit too messy, especially if space and children are an issue. There are similar units with hinged lids which cost more but are well worth it.


The Tower Airwave Low Fat Fryer (335187) has a lot of potential as an oven if you are willing to put up with the detachable lid problem. If you want to cook chips then get a low fat fryer as they are much better.