Whilst this is an impressive piece of kit; well built, multi-functional, massive capacity etc. It is not really a serious contender as an air fryer. Yes it can be used as an air fryer but you wouldn’t buy a Ninja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker to air fry alone as there are better options. That said, well worth a look at as it is very impressive as a pressure cooker and all rounder which can crisp as well as cook.

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Review of the Ninja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker

The Ninja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker provides the air fryer capability to crisp meat that has been in the pressure cooker. This is a great advance in pressure cooker technology; no doubt. However, as an air fryer it falls short. That said, we will be reviewing this on its own merit in due course. In the mean time, if you want to fin out more about what the inja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker can do, press the button above.